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Financial Services

Create amazing customer experiences with omnichannel communications and trusted messages

Engaging with customers has never been more important for the Financial Services industry, and at the same time, never been more difficult.

Customers now expect to speak to businesses the same way they do their friends and family, using messaging. While at the same time, it is vital that you put security and trust at the heart of your interactions with customers.

Omnichannel Engagement

LINK’s omnichannel capabilities allow you to reach customers on their channel of choice. With LINK, you can combine SMS messaging, WhatsApp for Business, RCS or Google Verified SMS to create captivating customer experiences, allowing engagement with your customers on their preferred channel. LINK provides a comprehensive catalogue of APIs and leading applications alongside our team of experts to help you get the most out of your messaging solutions.

Conversational Experiences

Customers want their interactions with their providers to be on demand, asynchronous and conversational. Financial Services organisations need scalable solutions that grow with their operations, without adding substantial costs, providing customers with frictionless interactions. LINK Conversations are designed to match these often competing needs, by combining an easy to use application, that interacts with your back office systems via a quick and east implementation process. 

Mobile Identity

Trustworthy communications have never been more important to brands and organisations. Although all industries are targets, Financial Services customers are more at risk due to the sensitive nature and desirability of credit card and banking details. LINK has created a suite solutions to help brands combat fraud including one time passwords (OTP), two factor authentication (2FA) and SIM Swap alerts that identify mobile numbers which are at risk of fraud.

Message Experiences

Messaging gives businesses the ability to create captivating customer experiences at every touchpoint. Throughout their journey with you, from sign up through to customer retention, each interaction will be impactful and cost effective when using LINK’s solutions.

Winning new customers: Onboard customers via a messaging experience to confirm details and request new or missing information

Proactively contact your customers: Use proactive messaging to inform customers of their balance reminders, payment notifications or debt recovery messages.

Provide great customer service: Ensure your contact centre staff can reach your customers using their preferred channels while reducing operational costs

Create leading retention experiences: Keeping customers is far easier than winning new ones, so use messaging to create retention experiences, reminding them how simple and frictionless it is to work with you.

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