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WebSMS is an easy to use online portal for sending and receiving SMS messages.

WebSMS allows you to send SMS text messages to mobile phones quickly and simultaneously to single or multiple contacts through our SMS online portal.  You can also receive inbound messages that can be viewed in your inbox.  Existing customer can login here.

Easy to use

Anyone can use WebSMS, it is a simple but powerful tool for both sending and receiving SMS text messages online.  The portal is intuitive and requires no technical experience or integrations. WebSMS makes it simple to send marketing promotions to customers, communicating with staff and different teams.


WebSMS allows you to communicate with multiple people through one dedicated online portal.    Template creation and selection of distribution lists make it easy to compose a single message to be sent to all recipients on your selected distribution list. Receive replies through our inbound messaging solutions to have a two-way conversation.

Track and respond

It is simple to track the delivery of messages to your recipients.  WebSMS provides the ability to see real-time when a message is delivered.  You can receive inbound messages as replies to your sent SMS and can organise all of your messages into appropriate folders.  Login from anywhere with internet connectivity to manage your communications as and when you need.

Web portal for sending and receiving SMS messages.

The way it works

Communicating with your customers, employees or whoever you need to couldn’t be simpler.  We all know that SMS is a trusted communication tool and by far has the highest read rate than any other communication channels.  So using SMS, especially when it is important that your message is heard, can add significant value to your business.  Speak to us today and we can get you setup with an account.  WebSMS couldn’t be simpler:

  • We provide you with access to your dedicated online portal for web sms messaging
  • You can send SMS text messages out to any contacts and can receive incoming sms text messages to your inbox 
  • You can create your own templates, so you can quickly and easily send out messages
  • Create distribution lists. Have a distribution list for each team, different management levels etc etc
  • Send out messages to thousands of contacts in seconds
  • Setup multiple users for the same account, so colleagues can also benefit from the web SMS portal, but with their own unique logins


  • Recipients of a message can be selected from phonebook, distribution lists and/or manually entered
  • Folders can be used to organise received inbound SMS text messages
  • Secure portal and message storage
  • Sensitive messages are not stored (message content)
  • One or more inboxes with their own unique inbound long number
  • Multiple users of the same WebSMS account, with definable user permissions
  • Import and export CSVs for phonebook, distribution lists and messages

Perfect for

Any business who would like to communicate using SMS messaging.  It requires no technical integration and so any organisation can use this online portal.  It can be used for communicating with teams of people, for alerting of any critical incidents and for receiving inbound messages. Or for communicating with customers in order to increase ROI and drive sales.

Send and receive sms text messages. Communicate with multiple audiences.
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