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RCS (Rich Communication Services)

Offering wide possibilities for rich interactions with RCS

Provide rich interactions with your customers directly in their messages inbox. With our RCS service, you can enhance the customer experience with images, carousels, videos, maps, branding, predefined quick reply suggestions, and buttons – all within the text messaging gateway system.

Universal reach

Since the rollout of RCS on all Android phones in December 2019, this channel works on Android devices through the Android Messages app.

Opt-in ready

UserID is the mobile number. End-users’ consents are retrieved for SMS and valid for Rich Communication Services


Offers features similar to instant messaging apps, including conversational & advanced analytics

Features of RCS Service

Rich Media and Contents

You will be able to interact with consumers by using: 

  • Images, video, audio files, PDFs, and animated GIFs
  • Text without length limitation
  • Rotating carousels
  • Calendar events
  • Geo-locations
  • Predefined suggested responses


  • Conversational agents can be plugged in to connect

Trusted branding

  • Brands can present a sender logo to be easily recognizable and authenticated as each sender is verified to avoid fraud

How to get started

User adoption is simple and straightforward. There is no need to download an app as users gain direct access to a range of brands and services from within the messaging app itself, allowing them to engage with virtual assistants to book flights, buy clothes, make restaurant reservations, and more.


Background of RCS

Rich Communication Service is initially a GSM Association initiative to replace SMS & MMS. In 2016, Google created huge momentum for the channel by buying Jibe, an RCS service platform. It consists of a universal standard internet-based messaging system defined by mobile operators and handset manufacturers.

Currently it is only available for Android. 

Do you want to learn more or get started?

Check out our series on:

  1. RCS’s history and market outlook
  2. RCS benefits and challenges
  3. How RCS works and how to have a successful campaign. 
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