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LINK Conversations

LINK Conversations moves your customer communication to a new level by offering you an expanding multi-channel reach with one simple and user-friendly communication interface.

LINK Conversations can help you reach more customers and leads right where they are. Enriching your communication with customer-centric channels, content and messages, it simplifies and targets your customer dialogue.  Create bots and complex dialogue quickly without prior technical knowledge.

Customer Dialogue

By offering customer dialogue on mobile devices, you increase the chance of engaging with customers. This in turn helps you to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction. Communicate with your customers via all relevant mobile phones (Android and iOS) and without being restricted by mobile operator standards (eg RCS). 

Reduced complexity

LINK Conversations is based on an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate API. It is future-proofed by the fact that new channels can be added seamlessly without the need to change the interface.

Ease of use

Conversations can be integrated with our tool LINK Flow which is a system for building a chat or dialogue with your customer.  It is intuitive and easy to use with drag and drop flow builder functions. In just a few minutes, complete message flows for conversations can be created and sent out to your customers

Mobile Communications

Engaged Customer Dialogue 

Traditional text messages are often purely transaction-based and can be used for the communication of password verification, booking reminders, package delivery updates, coupons, promotions, etc. However, most SMS messages do not invite dialogue, or it is limited through 2-way SMS. Conversations allows you to create a dialogue and get immediate insight into your individual customers.

Customer-focused chats allow you to be personal with your target audience. Natural real-time interaction creates context and commitment that drives a higher response rate and targeted calls-to-action. 

By working with your customers in the right channel and context, you create new business opportunities. Give the right offer at the right time, and you will increase your conversion and salesYou can reach billions of users through a simple API and interface.

  • Build user-friendly chats with different features to create natural customer dialogue. Use your own company’s brand and design.
  • Connect seamlessly with many different communication channels. Our backup channel solution will help to ensure your message is delivered.


Multi-channel communication with rich content, including pictures, videos, voice message, links, QR codes, geo-location etc.

  • We design your company profile and your messages with your logo and branding.
  • Create user-friendly chats with actions for a natural dialogue with your customers. Use your company’s branding and design.
  • Connect seamlessly to multiple communication channels. It works across relevant mobile devices (Android and iOS) and is independent of mobile operator standards (e.g. RCS). Always ensuring a 100% hit-rate with our fallback solution.
  • Users can respond with free text.  The bot evaluates the answer and reacts accordingly.
  • Text buttons with ready made answers ensure user-friendliness.
  • Calls to action with a click, open URL, enter appointment in calendar, show address and share locations.
  • Media files can be sent to the user, enriching communication.
  • New channels like Facebook Messenger and other OTT channels are constantly added.
  • LINK Flow is a tool on top of LINK Conversations that provides a graphical user-interface to create rule based bots for executing individual conversations.
  • LINK Conversations is fully GDPR compliant.

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Engaging with your customers in the right channel and context creates new business opportunities. Providing the right content and offerings at the right time expands sales, up sales, cross-sales and re-sales, increasing conversion rates.

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