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Email SMS for sending and receiving SMS messages


Email SMS service that is a simple solution for the sending and receiving of SMS using email.

Using email to send SMS text messages is the easiest and most accessible way of using SMS aside from a mobile phone. Send a message in an email and it will be delivered as an SMS to a mobile phone. Messages can be sent by SMS from a mobile phone and delivered to an email inbox.

Email SMS for sending and receiving SMS messages



Sending a message using email to SMS to one or many mobile users is as easy as sending a normal email.  If requested, a delivery receipt will be sent back to you when your message has been delivered.

Two-way Messaging


Email to SMS and SMS to email gateway. Messages can be sent via SMS to and from your email inbox.

Quotas & CUG


User quotas can be used to control SMS usage.  We can also support closed user groups so that you can limit to which mobile phones messages are sent to.

Email SMS

How it works

Email to SMS Text
Sending a message to a mobile is as simple as sending an email and uses our email to SMS message gateway. The text of the email is sent to the mobile as an SMS text message and will quickly arrive within seconds of you sending the email.

SMS Text to Email
When using the two-way EmailSMS service a message can be sent from a mobile as an SMS and that message will arrive in an email inbox. This text to email capability is extremely fast and can use one of our two-way messaging services virtual SIM hosting, virtual mobile numbers or physical SIM hosting for receiving SMS messages from mobiles.

For those who wish to know the technical details of this service, you can find them in the SMTP (simple) and SMTP (sophisticated) API documents that can be found in the Developers section.


• One‐way and two‐way SMS
• Receipts confirm delivery outcome
• UCS2 support
• User quotas
• Closed user groups
• Highly reliable managed SMS service
• 24×7 telephone and email support available 


• Easily and quickly send out text messages from your desk or on the move
• Receive text messages from mobile into your email inbox
• Cost effective
• As simple to send a message to a whole team as it is to send to a single person
• Reach people who are on the move quickly and reliably
• As easy to use as sending and receiving email
• Know when message is delivered
• Integrate with organisation’s own email domain (e.g.

Email SMS for inbound and outbound messaging
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