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Two-way SMS messaging


AlertBroadcast lets you send a text alert quickly and effectively to groups of people direct from your mobile.

When you need to get a message out quickly to a group of people, you can send it directly from your mobile phone without the need for a computer or internet connection through our AlertBroadcast.

Two-way SMS messaging

Emergency Communication

Send an SMS broadcast to alert a team or group of people in an emergency situation or with time critical information

No internet required

Powered by SMS and therefore works whenever an SMS can be sent, including when there is no data/internet coverage.

Quick and Effective

Send a message to large or small teams as quickly as sending a single SMS text message from your mobile handset.  The message you send will be received in seconds.

Man receiving sms text message for alert

The way it works

AlertBroadcast is used for sending messages to teams of people, for example employees and other stakeholders, direct from your mobile handset – AlertBroadcast is an effective two-way SMS alert system between a controller and groups of people.

Simply type a standard SMS text message and send it to a number we provide to you –  the broadcast number.  We then immediately send your message to a distribution list of mobiles which are predefined and associated with your broadcast number. There is no need to be using a computer to send out your broadcast.  

You can have multiple broadcast numbers for different distribution lists, allowing you to send messages to different teams, departments, groups of people, senior management or any other teams you require.

Benefits of AlertBroadcast

AlertBroadcast is a simple but highly effective communication tool which enables clients to send critical alert notifications to groups of people quickly and reliably.

  • Solution is easy to use and very effective means of communication
  • Quick and dependable in sending alert notifications
  • Replies to alerts can be received and monitored by the controller
  • No internet connection is required as the broadcast is initiated by SMS text message

Example Uses

  • Call out emergency team members (for example search and rescue team response units)
  • Notify groups of people in regards to security developments within countries and organisations
  • Contact school staff and parents in emergency situations
  • Update teams of employees in regards to sales, field work or availability issues

Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate AlertBroadcast into your communication plans.

groups receiving alert sms text messages
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